“Sally Tomato. Is she the product of Artificial Intelligence? Is she a figment of some deranged scientist’s libidinously twisted mentation? Is she the 21st-century uber-frau? Is she all of the above? Indeed she is, and more. Much more.” SP Clarke

Sally Tomato is the lead singer of her eponymous band, known for their events and projects and not so much as a bar band. Her latest adventure was co-writing and starring in the rock opera film "Strange Divinity". Here, mortals grapple with the power to choose the outcome of any moment and what this means for the human condition.

Her prior project was interpreting Led Zeppelin III with a cast of many Portland musicians.

She is also known as the star of “Toy Room,” the international and award-winning rock opera film. A journey through Sally Tomato’s life, “Toy Room” is her biography. It takes us through her difficult childhood, a tumultuous early adulthood, an abusive marriage, and culminates in redemption through a tool we all share, the innocence of our inner child. If Fellini set Ibsen’s “A Doll’s House” to music by Frank Zappa, the result would feel like “Toy Room.” Dramatic, haunting, ethereal, and playful, “Toy Room” shows us Sally Tomato and more. Much more.

The rock operas are just two in a library of unique and entertaining releases. Her documented history is scattered, and is mostly based on myth and rumor. From what we can tell, she learned to play piano by ear at age two. Doctors quickly advised her to stop playing piano with her ears and use her hands instead. Later, she learned to crawl onto the dining room table began singing to American Bandstand, working on her stage presence for a number of years before going to college on a vocal scholarship. Since then she has sung her way into the hearts of many.

Sally has a number of other releases from her ongoing journey through the artistic landscape. The intimate “Soup” EP was recorded in 2001 and features Sally’s trademark approach on a handful of acoustic numbers. “Concentration” was the 2004 follow up which solidified her presence in the NW regional music scene and features the cult classic “The Original Barbie”.

The musical travel documentary series "Tomato Travels" includes 6 film shorts. The latest, "Turkish Delight" (2012) highlights some of the powerful and unique areas of Turkey, including Cappadocia and Istanbul and includes startling footage of unworldly landscapes. "Saints and Sinners" studies New Orleans 6 years after Katrina and includes interviews with survivors and walks through cemeteries. "DarkCavesLightHouses" explores, you guessed it, caves and light houses in Oregon. "My Dirty Left Foot" (2009), follows Sally through the UK as they win awards for "Toy Room" at two film festivals. “UFO Am I” (2007) follows Sally as she ventures to Area 51 and beyond in search of The Truth. The first in the “explOregon” travel series was released in 2008 and takes a hard look at covered bridges, ghost towns and pixie sticks.

Sally Tomato occurs above an ever-changing and rich musical backdrop created by backing instrumentalists Carlos Severe Marcelin on guitar and electronics and Eric Flint on drums. The band utilizes textured guitars, sequencing, loops, various electronic gadgets, and a huge drum kit to make it all happen, adding richness and depth to Sally's wild fluctuations between smoky chanteuse and childlike recitations. When she teams up with her volunteer-run performance art group, the results are consistently and uniquely entertaining. Sally Tomato looks at the world with a fresh set of eyes.

“Even though we are born the same, over time we are not. We are cut and scarred and made into human art.” Sally Tomato